Basics Of Storytelling In Email Marketing – Full Throttle Falato Leads

The 4 success factors of a storytelling email campaign

Successful storytelling campaign has to check a couple of boxes. These basics of storytelling include the following essential elements.

The simplest form of storytelling is through mascots. For example, a well-known email marketing company has a chimp mascot, and one of the leading tire manufacturers has a marshmallow-like mascot called Bibendum. A mascot is a hero – which is the cornerstone and the first step to creating a story that nurtures, converts and sells.

Creating a hero is important because it helps the reader relate to the story and pay more attention to what’s written. If you think any hero will do, you are wrong – the best hero is the one that has a direct relation to your company and products or at least shares some common characteristics.

The perfect hero for a storytelling email campaign is one based on the buyer persona. If you have separate email sequences for different buyer personas (as you should), it’s best to create multiple heroes.

When you have created a hero based on who your perfect buyer persona is (it can be a human-like hero or an animal/mascot), you need to add details to breathe more life into your hero. There is no need to write a whole backstory, just add a few details will make your hero more unique.